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Jessica Stagg has a huge passion for the health and wellbeing industry, she gained her Beauty Therapy Science diploma when she was 17 while working full time in a care home looking after end of life, dementia, Alzheimer and day to day care for the elderly. Jessica realised that she had a love for the care industry while a desire to build a business, so she decided to bring it all together and build a business while going into the well being industry to help others inside and out.

Once Jessica qualified she then went on to working in Spas over Somerset and London offering high standard treatments, sales and customer service. She then decided to go self employed and build up her clientele in the beauty industry. 

Jessica started out offering minimal beauty treatments, all money which came into the business she invested into further training and equipment, after time, Jessica wanted to push herself to the next level and decided to move to London and work in a Skin and Laser franchise while doing her level 4 qualifications. After a year of working along side some of the top laser machines, skin brands, nurses, aesthetic practitioners and Dermatologists, Jessica moved to Bristol and worked in another skin, laser and well being clinic with some very knowledgeable practitioners. All this experience built up great knowledge for Jessica in all areas of business, working in different locations, different client demands, a wide range of different treatments, technologies, different personalities and job roles with in a team.


Jessica decided to open up her own clinic after the 4 years of moving around the UK having gained invaluable knowledge and qualifications. She opened up Essential with no investment and very little funds, just the determination and mindset on wanting to open a clinic and make it work. With the roller coaster journey, Jessica now owns two award winning clinics which have performed over 25,000 treatments, created life changing transformations, an amazing team of staff members, teaches high level of qualifications over the UK, offers business and well-being retreats in the UK and overseas and mentoring services for individuals or businesses wanting to learn more and grow. 

With 8 years of experience and watching the industry dramatically grow over the years, there has been a lack of on going training for therapists and practitioners in treatments, education and help with business growth. This is why Jessica would like to offer only the best in her training and social network services, not just from herself but working along side some of the best practitioners, doctors, trainers and instructors in the UK to ensure we are helping people provide best practice.

Jessica-' This industry is forever growing and you can never stop learning, by creating a network to bring people together with different back grounds and experiences, this can help people in many ways. This will build knowledge, confidence, motivation and support people within their industry.'

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