VTCT Training Courses:


Advanced Skin Course

Gain your Advanced Skin certification, the first of it's kind, through our leading training academy.  It will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required to progress onto our specialist skin courses and kick-start your journey to becoming an Aesthetics Professional.


VTCT Level 2 Facial Skincare Course

If you have always had an interest in skin and have a passion about learning the science, problems and care associated with in, then this course is a step in the right direction towards a career that allows you to specialise in helping people with their skin.


Professional Facial

VTCT Level 3 Facial Electrics Course

This course covers of all of the fundamental facial electric treatments and knowledge that is required if you are starting out as a skincare specialist. With this qualification, you can help clients postpone early signs of ageing, improve the appearance of their skin and erase minor skin damage caused by sun, scarring and pigmentation.


VTCT Level 4 Laser & IPL Course

This Laser Hair Removal & IPL Skin Rejuvenation course trains technicians to the highest standard using the most effective laser equipment on the market. Your training will include advanced skin analysis that will enable you to identify suitable light intensities and laser system treatments for each client.


VTCT Level 4 Chemical Peel Course

Chemical Peel treatments are a highly complex skill as it poses a considerable risk to the client's skin. Although the treatment is widely offered at many clinics, we pride ourselves for our advanced knowledge behind the peeling agents used and our ability to provide the highest-standard training that will allow you to treat your clients with a variety of conditions including collagen loss, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and acne.

Smiling Woman

VTCT Level 4 Skin Needling Course

This course is highly desired by those wishing to broaden their skills to micro-needling, derma rollers and derma pens into their clinic. Skin needling is rapidly growing in popularity due to its highly effective anti-ageing capability that targets fine lines, acne scars and pigmentation concerns.


VTCT Level 4 Radio Frequency Course

Radio Frequency is a popular, "premium" treatment - tightening and toning the skin of the body and face whilst reducing fat and cellulite, with little-to-no downtime or discomfort for the client. Watch your clients glow with confidence after they see a dramatic improvement in their appearance after a course of Radio Frequency treatments.

Permanent Eyebrows

VTCT Level 4 Microblading Course

Microblading is a rapidly growing service within the beauty industry. It is an ancient form of tattooing that has been around for thousands of years. It is used as a form of semi-permanent make-up, where a small blade is used to implant pigment using fine incisions in the skin, resulting in a beautiful natural looking brow.

Tattoo Removal

VTCT Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Course

This Laser Tattoo Removal course has both a high quality of instruction and high relevance to the realities of business and patient care. This course is considered the "go-to" course for medical professionals, entrepreneurs and leading tattoo artists that wish to showcase this treatment as part of their premium service.


Skin Specialist Packages

Want to kick start your career with a bang? Choose a Skin Specialist Package that suits you that combines multiple courses to offer you a cost-effective and time-efficient route to your desired career.