Business and Sales Mentoring 

When we teach courses, we realised that there was a huge demand for business owners who needed some help with back ground knowledge on the industry. Opening a business is a great leap of faith and very often, you feel like you are going through things alone, after this course you will learn that you are not alone! You do not tend to see what really goes on behind the scenes, this is why we have designed a course to get to the nitty gritty of the biz. 

Ways we offer this training-

1 day course 

Coming to your place of business and tailoring the training specifically for yourself and staff members.

What is included on this training-

Help understanding and optimising social media 

Support and discipline 

How to deal with complaints

Health and Safety

Customer Service- Understanding the importance of customer service, different customer service techniques, how to create a good image on first point of contact, how to turn a client into one that continues to come back.



Building your brand 

Different software, techniques and methods to help keeping the business organised

Dealing with staff

Skin care 

1 day course with other students- £395+VAT

Coming to your place of with for yourself and any staff members- £675+VAT




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