Annalouise & Skin Philosophy

Jessica and Annalouise met at the beginning of Jessica's business journey in 2014, and they are still strong working partners today. Between them, they offer VTCT-level courses across the UK and also host well-being retreats in the most prestigious locations world-wide. 

Annalouise's motivation as a skin therapist has always been to expand her knowledge and educate others - and this is where the two entrepreneurs knew they could collaborate to bring the highest quality training to the Beauty & Aesthetics industry.

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Their passion - combined with a demand in the industry for better-qualified, reliable and experienced technicians - is why they are here today to provide the highest standards in Aesthetics training and helping each student establish themselves in their own careers.


Sophie Bachelor

Sophie has been with the company since the opening day and is a trusted member of the JS team. Before joining The Academy, she was a college lecturer teaching Beauty Therapy and also taught Media Make-Up at degree level.

She is now the regional manager for the Somerset clinics and is a trusted partner of The Academy - teaching BABTAC-approved courses within the beauty industry. She has overseen and contributed to the growth of the company over the years and has performed thousands of treatments, hence why she has earnt the position alongside Jessica as a highly valued partner within The Academy.

With Sophie's expertise and experience, students can be assured they are receiving highest quality training in the industry. As a fully-certified trainer of BABTAC courses, she can provide you with the skills and qualifications you require to begin your own venture.