5am club and why join it

I have enjoyed waking up at 5am way before I read this book but recently I have been reading a great book called the 5am club by Robin Sharma. I am only half way through at the moment so will give my full review at the end, but it is one of the best books I have read so far and completely goes with my ethos.

The 5am club is a place where you truly optimise your day, you can get more done between 5am-8am then what most people can do in a day or even a week. When you first begin to do this, it will be hard. Waking up to your alarm going off, tired, questioning if you realllyyy need to get out of bed. At first, you will most likely be in bad sleep routine, fall asleep late and only have a few hours, by getting up early you are optimising your day and will help you get back into a good sleep pattern by falling asleep at a reasonable time and waking up early. Yes there is a fine line between needing your 8 hours sleep or if you want to achieve then you got to go and get it regardless of the sleep. This is finding what is right for you, if you cannot function without adequate sleep and you make the time in your schedule to sleep well with either a nap or going to bed earlier, then most defiantly do it. If you have goals to meet, then you may go a little while without full sleep but the rewards will be so worth it. Remember to just look after yourself! Whether you take the ethos that you are going to go to bed earlier to wake up earlier or you only have 3 hours of sleep, it is not about how long the day is, it is about how you time manage it and what you do in the time that you have. Working smarter not harder.

First of all, it takes 28 days to change habits so anything you try and change in your regime will require a few weeks of discipline and repeat. Second of all, it may feel worse before it gets better. You may feel tired, you may struggle to get out of bed, you may get tired earlier in the day. Third, anyone can achieve things, big or small, if they master there daily habits. Now Im not perfect, in lock down I have most defiantly struggled the 5am club as much as I put my alarm on for that time every day, some days we need to listen to our body and do what it needs to do if your under stress, pressure, had long days, shift worker, but once you start gaining the benefits of the 5am club, you will enjoy that place and you will want to wake up every morning.

So, why must we try the 5am club?

-This is where you begin your day, you plan out what you would like to achieve, you get some organisation and structure.

-This is where you can reflect on the day before, have gratitude to things that you have or to your day ahead. It is a couple of minuets in peace with your own thoughts to think about the good.

-This time of the day is so peaceful, you feel like the world is sleeping, no one is bothering you, you do not feel like you are stuck in the day to day rush of society. It is you time with no interruptions. Either sat on the sofa drinking a warm cup of tea, or going out for a walk with the sun rise, the fresh air, the birds singing.

-For at least the first hour, try and avoid technology. You are not missing out on anything for the first hour of wakening, use this time to be in your own thoughts and time to think clear. Technology puts stress on the eyes and is a stimulant for adrenaline. It also wastes time and takes your thoughts away from your own mind.

-This is a time you could practice yoga and meditation. There are huge benefits to stretching the body, working with the mind both physically and physiologically. This time is perfect for no distractions and a positive mindset for the day.

-This is the perfect time to work out. There is nothing more productive then coming out of a gym class or going for a run while the world is sleeping, knowing you have already done so much before people wake. Plus working out in the morning is a massive time saver. It is almost 2 hours at least out of someones day by going to get ready, do the work out, have a shower, get ready again and then get back to things they need to be doing. By working out in the morning it will keep you in routine, make you feel productive, give you that push for the day and will save you so much time during the day.

-Use this time to fill the body with goodness, have a green juice, drink 1l of water, take your vitamins, meal prep, make a healthy breakfast.

-If you are doing work this time, you are most likely to get more work done. It allows you to be focused, in the moment with no distractions. By feeling like your getting up and being productive it will help you concentrate and get work done. Again, what ever work you do in this time is more work than someone who is sleeping.

-Is there jobs that can be done in this time which will save time during the day such as things around the house, washing, taking the dog out. This time slot could be a huge saver for time management to optimise your day.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of the 5am club. What you do in this time slot could give you a step ahead. Whether that be fitness, business, achieving goals, finishing assignments or maybe you just have a busy/ stressful life where you need to make some time for you.

I challenge you all to try it for 28 days atleast 5 times a week. Think about who you want to be, where you want to be, what you want to achieve and work on that every day. See how much you get done in that morning and watch how it has the domino effect on what you get done, your mind and your body through out the day.

Let me know how you get on :)

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