Podcast Launch!

What to expect? After being in the beauty/ aesthetic industry since 16, I have had the pleasure of working with many different specialists such as beauty bloggers, entrepreneurs, Drs, Nurses, Nutritionists, Fitness instructors, therapists all over the UK. Between myself and my clinics we performed over 40,000 treatments. We have seen many different walks of life from young girls, Mumma’s, celebrities, patience with different illness’s, elder clients, business owners, influencers. I have worked in many different back grounds from Spas, Beauty salons, Set ups at home, training academies, large corporate clinics, small start up clinics and opening my own business. Most importantly I have seen the industry change over the years, I have heard many theories behind different peoples stories and have seen how social media can be so damaging yet so powerful. • In my podcasts I will be interviewing different special guests each week, their lives and opening up the back ground of the beauty industry. Whether that be building businesses, the change in society, social media, personal stories and experiences, celebrity guests, gut healing and nutrition. Not only to help educate and improve the mind and body but to help inspire people to live life on their terms without the ongoing pressure of constant change in society.

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