Some facts about laser hair removal

The facts about laser hair removal? The way that laser hair removal works is by using a red direct coherent laser light, the use of the wave length attracts to the pigment in the hair shaft, travels down the hair shaft to kill of the pigment and the blood supply feeding the hair follicle without damaging any surrounding tissue. Ideally in laser hair removal you need a minimal course of 6 treatments for permanent hair reduction, this is because we want to ensure that the hair does not come back and that not every hair is attached to the blood supply at one time so we need to ensure that you get the best result after treatment. Most people tend to see the best results after 1 treatment as this is when the hair is at its darkest and thickest which means more attraction for the laser light. Within the course of treatments you will notice that the hairs will begin to come through a lot finer and slower to the point of which you will have permanent hair reduction. You are guaranteed to see around an 85% reduction which means IF there are any hairs left coming back through they will be very fine and vellus to the point in which it will not bother you. We do have dormant "sleeping" hair follicles which can be stimulated through hormones, this means that potentially 1-3 top up treatments may be needed months to years after the course of 6 treatments, most of the time laser is very effective where you either won't need to come back for years or not at all. Laser hair removal is amazing for unwanted hair, ingrowing hair, folliculitis, shaving rash, people who no longer want to wax or shave and it is amazing for minimising the pour in which the hair sits which makes the area look smooth. Autumn and winter is the best time of year for laser hair removal as this will means you will be hairless for the summer! Also we set the laser to your skin type to ensure the laser light does not attract to pigment in the skin, in the summer our skin changes colour a lot due to UV rays. You can still have treatment during the summer but may have to change settings due to your activities.

Most frequent questions asked; 🌟Does it hurt? It is normal for there to feel a slight warm prickly sensation but nothing uncomfortable and unbearable. Unlike waxing, straight after treatment you won't tend to feel like you have even had anything done! 🌟Am I aloud to wax or pluck during treatments? You are not aloud to wax or pluck during treatment as we need the hair in the hair shaft for the laser to attract to but you can shave. You must come in clean shaven for treatment to ensure deep effective penetration of the laser. 🌟Will I notice results straight away? For the first two weeks the dead hair will be making its way out of the follicle, after around 2 weeks you will notice the hair coming through a lot finer and slower.

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