UK College tour
31st Jan-2nd Feb 2022
7th Feb- 9th Feb 2022

We are reaching out to collages over the UK who would like to be added into our UK tour dates for us to come and meet your students bringing knowledge and motivation for their career paths. Jessica will be making her way round the UK showing new, up coming therapists the ins and outs of the industry and the directions they can go with the current qualifications they are doing.

Jessica would like to talk to students on her experience of working within the industry and motivate them with personal stories starting with nothing and building the knowledge and experience which she has gained over the years.

Jessica would like to discuss the different avenues of the industry (Spas, Salons, Clinics, Holistic health, Cruise Ships, Travelling), the different qualifications (Certification, Governing bodies, going on to degrees). Building a business and the exciting opportunities where they can end up with their beauty qualifications (Beauty therapist, Nursing, Aesthetics, Skin Specialists, Nutritionists, Health care practitioners, Sports Massage, Holistic health practitioner, Cruise ships, Spas, Working along side other professionals).

We think this would be a great way to give students information from an ‘outside’ point of view on how important their job role can be and what they can do for people.


On purchasing this, we will contact you to arrange a day and time.

UK College tour